For 20 years, UGM has made their mark importing flawless natural stone from all over the globe including countries like India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Egypt, Israel, Portugal, China, France, Norway, Canada, Turkey, and Peru. With an extensive range of suppliers, UGM ensures their customers access to a year-round supply of the most sought after granite, marble, & quartzite.

The Finest Materials


UGM carries a wide range of granite surfaces with a massive inventory that varies from basic staple colors to rare exotics. This versatile material is suitable for both kitchen and bathroom countertops as residential or commercial building exterior.

  • African Rainbow

  • Alaska White

  • Araras Blue

  • Black Galaxy

  • Delicatus White

  • Labrador Black

  • New Caledonia

  • Royal White

  • Saint Cecilia Light

  • Sapphire Brown


UGM has a long history of sourcing high-end marble from premier suppliers in countries like Italy, Spain, & Turkey. Marble is renowned as a symbol of luxury, and can be used for kitchen counters, backsplashes, bathroom vanity tops, flooring, and many other interior and exterior applications.

  • Calacatta Extra

  • Calacatta Super Extra

  • Giotto

  • Kolkata Vegi

  • Statuario

  • Statuary Venato


Quartzite is often some of the most exotic natural stone carried by UGM. Quartzite is an extremely hard stone, which makes it resistant to water absorption, heat, and scratches. Because of this, quartzite is ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops

  • Calacatta Brazil Leather

  • Cielo

  • Elegant Brown

  • Taj Mahal

  • Fusion

  • Cristallo